Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Still Knitting

Today I went through my Google reader feeds and removed all the knitting blogs that were at inactive domains or hadn't posted in over 2 years.  I removed 28 blogs!  It was quite sad, actually.  So many of these people are lost to me now as the only way I "knew" them was through their blogs.  To be fair, mine would have fallen to the wayside with those others.  I used to blog all the time; that's how knitters communicated project details!  But with the unveiling of Ravelry knitters have a much more streamlined way to share information.  All of this has been said before.  In short, Ravelry replaced my blog.

But I find that I don't share the setbacks or the "OMG, I am so excited about this project because _____" on Ravelry.  Not that I think the world particularly cares what yarn I choose for a given mystery shawl, but I enjoy going back through my archives.

This blog won't be strictly a "knitting blog" anymore.  And I'm sure I won't update regularly, but I have this resource available to me and I intend to use it again.

Life Updates:  
My last update was shortly after I defended my doctoral thesis.  Now, I am in post-doctoral fellowship #2.

My pets grew up!  Had I even posted about my dog?  She's 3 now!

I've moved to the state capital & while I miss my old hometown this one has its perks (like varied ethnic restaurants, a lake practically in my back yard, and my boyfriend).  Though, almost every friend I've made here has moved away.

I still knit, but it tends to be in phases.  I am currently in one of those phases right now, and probably will be through the end of November (SAFF is in late October, so I always get excited about it in summer and ride the high until I get bogged down by the holidays).

I almost always knit from my stash.  In fact, pretty much the only time I buy yarn is at SAFF.

I turned 30.  No, I'm not sad about it.

Only 1 of my 3 best friends lives in the same state as me.  Yes, I am sad about it.  But, I get to see the others at least twice a year, so we make do!

I still love alpaca - which means that when it comes down to it I haven't changed a bit!