Saturday, June 30, 2007

An Unofficial Summer of Socks

As you can see there has not been much knitting progress. I do love the waving lace socks and I often fantasize about knitting them while I am working. They're actually knitting up really quickly, I just can't find a moment to pick them up. I've tried them on and they fit nicely. I can tell that these will be my favorite socks someday. Who am I kidding? They already are. :)

They leyburn socks are on hold for a bit because I misplaced my fifth 2.5mm dpn. This is unfortunate because I'm actually quite close to completing the first sock. This leads me to the problem of not knowing what kind of bind off to use for toe-up socks. I want something nice and stretchy that will still hold its shape. I will probably end up trying the recommended EZ sewn bind off.


Gena said...

The socks are looking great! I hate losing needles, it just puts me all on hold. As for bind offs - call me lazy, but I just do a plain old bind off on a needle about 2 sizes too big and make it as loose as I can. My last pair of toe-ups were knit on 0's and I bound off on 2's. I could stretch them far more than needed to get them over my feet, and they didn't cut into my legs at all. Just my 2 cents! Hope your weekend is great!

Karen said...

Soo pretty - I hope life slows down enough for you to get to do some knitting. I haven't touched the needles much this week - but the move is nearly over. Missed you last Wed - hope to see you soon.