Saturday, October 25, 2008

SAFF 2008

I left for SAFF bright and early this morning with Karen and Gena. OK, it wasn't bright, but it was early. Actually it was rainy and cold and dark. And, in our sleepy haze we actually started off going east instead of west (seriously, we'd gone almost 15 miles before we realized it). Fortunately, (once we turned around) the weather got better and better as we headed west. By the time we arrived in Asheville it was a lovely day!

We had attended the fiber festival last year and all of us were completely overwhelmed. This year we knew what to expect and I can honestly say I enjoyed the experience more knowing what I was getting into. My biggest regret from last year was that I was so afraid of spending too much money that I only bought 1 skein of yarn. There was another skein which I had coveted, but I resisted. For this last year it has been "the one that got away." So, first thing on my agenda was to return to Miss Babs' booth and get a skein of sock yarn in the Saturn colorway! Isn't it gorgeous? I think it looks particularly exciting against my gym towel!

"Yummy" Hand-Painted Sock and Baby Yarn (400 yds, Superwash)
by Miss Babs

Colorway: Saturn

My other goal for the day was to get some fiber. I didn't get any last year because I really didn't know enough to shop smart for fibers. But, I also hesitated to order anything online because I really need to handle a fiber before I can guess whether I'll be able to spin it. I was able to find 2 nice fibers to work with. The first is a solid Bluefaced Leicester Top. Everyone says BFL is a perfect fiber for beginners and it is deliciously soft. Throughout the day I kept reaching into my tote to give it a little squeeze. I was surrounded by petable yarn, but I really wanted to sink my fingers into that BFL.

100% Bluefaced Leicester (3 oz) from River's Edge Weaving Studio

Colorway: Moss (I think)

While green is lovely, I think it'll be nice to spin up some nice variegated yarn, too. So I finally chose one of the many available multi-colored braids.

Merino Top Multicolor (4 oz) from Cloverleaf Farms
Colorway: Cassis

My final purchase of the day was inspired by a shop sample. These mitts were laying out and looking all cozy, so I slipped one on. They were so soft, and instantly warm. It's no wonder - they were made from 100% cashmere. BUT, it's the most affordable cashmere yarn I've come across. I will definitely be making a pair similar to the shop sample I saw.

Taiping DK (100% Cashmere - 220 yds)
by The Sanguine Gryphon
Colorway: Teal

It was really wonderful to spend a whole day with friends basking in tactile delights. I certainly hope I'll be able to return to SAFF after graduation. Finally, I'll leave you with the real star of the fiber festival:

A bebeh goat!
He drew a bigger crowd than even the most crowded vendor stall.
It just goes to show that the only thing more loved than fiber is the animal it came from. Thanks for all your extra fluff, guys!

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Hydrangea Girl said...

Oh that little goat is PRECIOUS! And of course, what lovely yarn you got too :)