Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Obligatory Introduction

Perhaps it is an obsession.
My couch is currently sporting 2 projects. I've counted 6 knitting magazines, and 4 patterns on the coffee table (not to mention those living by the bed). I have 2 hanks of Koigu in a small basket as a decoration. There are at least 5 pair of scissors in my 1-br apartment, all strategically placed in close proximity to ideal knitting areas.

Yes. It is time for a blog to keep track of my hobby.

Some things about me as a knitter:
1. I love classic, simple (uncluttered) patterns.
2. I prefer a nice textured stitch to colorwork.
3. I adore green.
4. I carry my yarn right-handed, but have been meaning to learn continental.
5. I do not own a knitting bag - instead I carry my projects in plastic grocery sacks to keep the wools from felting from the abrasion of an actual handbag.
6. While I enjoy luxury yarns, my two favorite yarns of all time are supercheap!
7. I have yet to knit a pattern unmodified. Sometimes this works out, and sometimes it does not. Hopefully any reader will learn from my errors.
8. I started knitting in Nov. 2004, so I'm still fairly new to the art.
9. I am returning from a knitting hiatus. I finally decided that I just won't let myself be too busy for my hobby.
10. There is no time more exciting than the time spent between buying new yarn and waiting for it to be delivered by the post.
11. Except when you cast said yarn onto the needles.
12. For me, starting a project is more exciting than finishing one. It's a miracle that I finish anything.
13. I finally went to my first knitting circle and had a lovely time. I was really missing out being a solo knitter!
14. I am slow. Either, posts will be infrequent, or progress pictures won't look like there is much progress at all. We'll see which it turns out to be!

In addition to knitting, my time is occupied by graduate school, my dear friends and classmates, and MMORPGs that I play with my BF.

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