Monday, May 7, 2007

I completed the mystery gift! I'm finished early, too. Pictures will follow next week. I turned my attention back to the green gable top. The sleeves are separated (again) and I'm about 2 inches down from the underarms. It's nice relaxing knitting, but it's made me sleepy. I'd love to go to bed, but I have to wait until 10:30 to run to the lab and change buffers. So, this blog post is really a way for me to kill that last 20 minutes before I run back in to work. I need a vacation. I've finally reached a point where I feel like I'm on top of things at work (for the most part) but maintaining this level of productivity is killing me - a few too many 12-14 hour days lately. I haven't had a day off in. . .3 weeks? It makes my fiber-filled nights all the better.

But let's think about happy yarn. Especially, my discovery of a true gem - the knitting podcast. I can kick back on the couch and stream knitting-themed talkshows from my computer (because I'm not fancy enough to have an iPod). Actually, saying that I've discovered knitting podcasts (plural) is a bit deceiving - I am still going through the archives of the first one I found - Lime & Violet. These ladies host the podcast for the yarn-obsessed masses. Hearing these friends talk about their projects, yarn, dogs, and daily lives makes it clear that they genuinely just have a really great time hanging out with each other. I have fun vicariously through them. It almost makes me a little sad since the only time I listen to it is when I'm alone. I sit there and think to myself: "Where is the Violet to my Lime?!?" I'm tempted to register for their message boards and join in on the discussion, but I am shy (yes, even online). I realize that eventually listening to this show will result in the enlargement of my sock yarn stash, but that's not really something I consider a problem.

So tonight Lime and Violet talked me through about an inch of mindless stockinette. Hey, lookit that - I killed enough time to go to back to work! I'm gonna get on that so I can get to bed as soon as I get home.

By the way, I don't know if I'll be able to make it to knit night this week. It kinda depends on a very. . . spiteful experiment.

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Karen said...

I can't wait to see the finished gift! Congrats on getting them done. I hope to get to see them before you leave. I also like podcasts - i've been listening to stash and burn lately. Well, good luck with your experiments - I hope you can make it Wednesday!