Saturday, May 19, 2007

When did this happen?

This week at Knit Picky I decided to put down the Baby Cashmerino surprise since I'd worked on it so much during my travels last weekend (between plane rides and graduation ceremonies I finished 75% of it). The surprise is coming to the symphony with me tonight. But, I digress. I put down the surprise in favor of a project I've neglected somewhat since ripping it back to resize. I just needed a break from it, but when I picked it up at knit night I was amazed to re-discover how quickly the green gable works up. I can make over an inch of progress in just one episode of Lime & Violet. Truly, it is amazing how much progress I've made on this since I picked it up again on Wednesday. I was just below the separation for the sleeves, but look how much I have now! I've not been counting stitches, but rather trying it on every few inches. Laid out flat it makes it look as if I am very oddly shaped. . .

I'm excited because I'm already in the hip increases (you can't really tell in the photo because they're much more shallow than the bust shaping. My bust shaping was quite radical because in a vertical space of about 3-4 inches I had to decrease the width of the garment by 8 inches!

I love the sleeves, and the drape on my shoulders. I think a lot of that is because I'm using a bamboo yarn.

In addition to knitting, I am eagerly awaiting the delivery of my spinning wheel. It is due to arrive on Monday. I have a committee meeting next week, so I won't really have any time to work on finishing the wheel, but starting Friday night it will be getting a coat daily. I ordered it from Paradise Fibers. Since the cost of new wheels is pretty much fixed across the internet (the only variability I've seen was actually a pricing error), I went with this company because thier website is easy to navigate and they have a wide selection of fibers. If you purchase a wheel from them you're given free shipping AND a $40 fiber credit. I've already made use of my fiber credit and these lovely fibers arrived on my doorstep yesterday complete with a hand-written thank-you note. The wheel is being shipped directly from the supplier. All I can say is I wish the supplier shipped as quickly as Paradise Fibers does!


Gena said...

Nice work on the Green Gable! I think the bamboo yarn will make the drape of the peice really nice. WooHoo for your wheel, and boo to committee meetings!

Sheknits said...

Green Gable is looking good- I think Oyster Bane is hysterical- thanks for commenting

Mick said...

Hi! Thanks for your message!
I am SO looking forward to meeting you, and everyone else from Knit Picky! I've already told Karen I want to go to the Knit for a Cuase night that is like the day after I move in.. haha.
Can't wait to meet you soon!

Karen said...

You're Green Gable is flying along - can't wait to see how it looks on you!