Saturday, May 5, 2007

Winston-Salem for the Cure!

I just got home from the Race for the Cure and I was amazed at the turnout! I snapped a few blurry shots of the event (because if I had stopped I would have been run over!). The first photo was taken right after the start of the race, so everyone is still packed in really tight. I was in the back with the walkers so I got to take some really impressive pictures of the whole crowd. Amazingly, there are still a TON of people behind me at this point. Seriously a LOT of people showed up for this event! The group didn't spread out much for the whole walk so we were actually going at a pretty slow pace. We were walking slowly enough to goof off!

This fellow had the highest number I saw, but there were separate numbering schemes for timed participants, untimed participants, and surviors. The highest timed number I saw was in the 1600s, and my highest survivor sighting was 821. Can you believe it!?! Over 800 breast cancer survivors were there, and the total turnout was over 10,000! Let's just hope that the money raised by this event will help us find better treatments soon!

Finally, just another shot of the sea of people that participated in this event. Keep in mind that the runners are nowhere in sight in this photo. All of downtown was shut down for this event, and the broadcaster/MC said this was the largest event in Winston Salem. Way to turn out, W-S!

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