Monday, April 30, 2007

Le sigh

I am capable of knitting really lovely things. However, no matter how diligent I am, I cannot seem to knit lovely things that fit me. You will notice that the Green Gable progress bar has gone from 50% to 0%. One thing I'll say for me is that I'm dedicated to doing things "right."

In other news, purple is nice.


Karen said...

Aww, Kristen! I'm sad to hear of your Green Gable sizing problems. But at least you'll be happy with the fit. I'm looking forward to seeing you tomorrow night!

Jules said...

You are diligent, I will give you that. For me, if something doesn't fit, I toss it in the unfinished projects drawer as a reject and don't look at it again for at least a year, or until it's no longer so painful.

Karen said...

Hey girl, I hope you had a wonderful birthday! Have a good weekend!