Tuesday, April 3, 2007

What Would Medusa Knit?

Tonight Karen came over for some TV on DVD and knitting on our respective projects. Her cropped cardi in bonsai looks absolutely lovely, and her modifications resulted in a better fit. Seeing her finished product makes me even more eager to work with Berocco's Bonsai. I just need to pick a pattern!
I worked on the twist-front top again (surprise). Here it is in all its medusa-esque glory. I will spend the better part of an evening weaving in all those ends. This project has not been boring for a moment. The chart is easy enough to memorize, but still keeps you alert while knitting and you constantly mix things up by suddenly knitting in new directions. Such a fun pattern with dynamic construction. Truly, it is quite a wonderful thing.
I have made some minor modifications. The mitering is on a steeper slope, and the decreases along the top edge of the mitered panel are different that written. Much to my chargrin it's worked out so that the lace eyelet part of the pattern lines up between the mitered panel and the yolk. What a lovely surprise! I'd love to say I planned it that way but it was a happy accident.

It's still looking quite rough, but I'll tidy it up for a final photo shoot sometime soon!


Sassy Knitter said...

This is looking great!! I cant wait to see complete.

Karen said...

I had so much fun hanging out with you! I can't wait to see both the top and the socks completed. Yay for tv on dvd :)