Sunday, April 29, 2007

Fiber For Supper

I met Karen to knit yesterday, and she had just stopped by Knit Picky on her way over. Much to my surprise she was acting as a courier for the store owner, Jo. After seeing the spinning on my blog, Jo gave me this lovely mohair top (at least it feels like mohair!) for my birthday. I don't have scales at home but I am estimating that it's about 30 grams (We scientists think in grams - instead of those silly ounces). I can't wait to start spinning this, but I know I should work through the rest of my mohair samples so I can be more practiced. If nothing else, my knitting has taught me to be patient so I will be diligent with my practice.
In addition to knitting, I also have a love of pottery - the fiber is being displayed in a bowl from a luncheon I attended this week. The Empty Bowls luncheon is a fundraiser for the Second Harvest Food Bank of Northwest NC. Attendees are served a tasty lunch and given a memorial bowl - mine was donated by the Sawtooth School for Visual Art. My advisor brought the lunch to our attention, and bought tickets for all of the lab members! I love the fact that I live in a community where the arts are so alive. And, our local artists are constantly donating pieces to be auctioned for charity. Just thinking about it gets me all pumped up about knitting Afghan squares!
I just found a Solution to the problem of my neglect of a certain lovely yarn in my stash. I purchased this at least 2 years ago when I was living in Richmond, KY and shopping at The Stitch Niche in Lexington. I planned to design a shell with it, but at the time I'd not knit a garment before and wasn't really sure about how to construct it. This was my first big yarn purchase (i.e. enough of one thing to make a garment) so I wanted to make sure I'd devised/found the perfect pattern. Now that I've been knitting for more than a few months I actually feel like I can do this lovely yarn some justice. Very exciting.


Karen said...

I can't wait to see what you spin up with that fiber! I had fun on Saturday. I've made very little knitting progress this week, but I do plan to make a blog post this evening.

Karen said...
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Karen said...

whoops - my computer is being slow, and I accidently posted that comment twice. Hope you're having a good day!

Jules said...

I LOVE that fiber color! I can't wait to see it spun. Also, that shell for your silky wool is awesome! It will be fabuous.