Monday, April 23, 2007

The Fiber-a-Night Club

Welcome to the Fiber-a-Night Club. I am the founding (and only) member. I'm working through the fiber goodie bag from the spinning class I took this weekend. We were given 2-4g samples of almost every fiber imaginable, and I'm trying a different one each night. I'm going to savor it, because I really don't know where I'll get fiber once I run out. Tonight I tried roving (from an unknown beastie). I'm getting the hang of this and created my most lovely singles yet! It was just so lovely I had to photograph it before plying.
Note the even-ness. Note the thin-ness. Note the exceptional left-handed photography!

I did ply it, and it is my first yarn that resembles real yarn. It's so even! I'm in love. I took my other 3 yarns to work with me today and showed everyone (totally not kidding). This beauty will definately be coming tomorrow so I can demonstrate my slub-free prowess!

Note the lack of slubs!!! I can't believe that this is only the 4th sample I've spun. Your fingers just learn so quickly. I really want to switch to a wheel eventually, though. On a spindle I can't really keep the spin and draft well at the same time. My spindle spinning method is not at all correct, but it works for me. I want to switch to a wheel to free up both hands for quicker spinning.

I will spend tomorrow daydreaming about which fiber to try tomorrow night. I really want to do another tonight, but I must make these samples last! Hopefully Jan will attend open knit night on Wednesday so I can ask her where she gets her fibers. I've been eyeing some blends at Paradise Fibers, but I don't know how much to get as a beginner!


Karen said...

You're spinning so fast I can hardly keep up! I loved that brown alpaca in the post below - and this is just lovely! (Nice job with the left handed photos.) You're making me want to spin too...maybe next time.

Jules said...

Wow, that is beautiful! I so want to spin now!

Jules said...

Here is the site for my fiber/yarn store -
You're just going to have to visit me now!

Rebecca Jo said...

When Julie told me you stopped knitting for awhile - I knew you'd be back - but darn girl! You're spinning now? It's in your blood! Your projects are beautiful! Keep up the good work on spinning - I'll have to buy some yarn from you when you get a pretty skein spun up. Knit away!

Karen said...

Hey girl - thanks so much for my birthday gift! I put some patterns in my new binder's just perfect :) I'm looking forward to Saturday!