Sunday, August 12, 2007

Long Overdue

With my recent intense focus on schoolwork my household cleaning routine has been rather. . . disrupted. This morning I realized I hadn't vacuumed the livingroom rug in a month! So, I hastily retrieved my vacuum cleaner from the dark & mysterious hall closet. I was unfurling the cord when I realized my vacuum had a resident. A rather bulbous spider with a web full of other spiders! She wasn't particularly large - less than a cm but what impressed me was the gorgeous markings on her abdomen. In this photo you can see two white v's and then the start of a smaller white marking to the rear of her abdomen - it was the shape of a cross. I appologize for the blurry photo - she was tearing out of there!
Yes, that is a bit of wool on the left. I did say I was overdue for a vacuum. ^_~
If she had been a good little spider and stayed in one location I would have let her be - but since she was on the move (and was on the cusp of comfortable spider cohabitation size) I decided a flip-flop was the appropriate fate for her. And guys, her guts were the most lovely shade of lavendar. Everything about this spider was just entrancing.
Do you guys ever take a moment to really look at the spiders in your homes? Also, am I the only person that will let a spider live in her house as long as it is stationary and under a certain size?


Karen said...

no spiders for me, thanks! I don't remember ever seeing one that looks quite like that. The silky wool is fabulous - I think 5 skiens will go quite far - I bought 5 for this project. I'm at just over 1.5 skeins so far, where that pic was taken.

Just a few more days - hope your prep is going well!

Gena said...

No, I don't look at them. I usually make GP get rid of them before they get too close to me. If they're behind glass, then I'll be fine, but otherwise they might attack me and kill me. I am delicate.

Rebecca Jo said...

I actually wont even kill a spider - I had one in my house while I had company - they were freaking out - I just did my normal "scooping" routine & took him outside to live happily ever after. (I've actually been bitten a few times trying to rescue the "buggers")

That spider is beautiful though! Maybe more babies will come out of the closet so you can see their markings too!