Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Targeted Advertisement

For all of you who are just here for the fiber, this little blurb isn't for you.

Today I used google to search a phrase that included "DNA," as we molecular biology types are wont to do. When my search results popped up, so did a series of targeted ads. You would think that a search for "DNA" would lead to advertisements for textbooks, journals, or educational sites. Not so much. Every advert. was for paternity/infidelity testing.


Gena said...

Wow. That's really sad. It's also sad that I just checked bloglines for the 80th time at work today because I have nothing else to do.

Ann Marie said...

Hey Kristen,
We missed you last night, but I understand you are busy - good luk with everything!!
Thanks for your comment. It wasn't hard to graft the Clementine Shawl, but I think I pulled it a litlte tight.
Hope you are having a good week!