Monday, August 13, 2007

You guys are the BEST!

My family sent me pictures from Alaska! I went through all 3 CDs (it took me over an hour) and selected my favorites. I'm sure you guys will be surprised by some of my picks!

First up is a tender moment shared between my grandparents. I think this photo captures their relationship perfectly. Mom was rarely in photographs, so I don't have any of her to share. Instead, I bring you the beach bums: Hollie (in blue) Hannah (in black) and Dave (boyfriend of Hollie - in shorts). They're on the beach wearing hoodies and eating suckers. Knowing my family those are Tootsie Roll Pops. Are you guys still saving the wrappers with the Native American shooting the star?
Now, on to the images that actually made me laugh! First up we have Hannah demonstrating the mischevious beast known as "The Midnight Sun." Clearly what has happened here is Hannah was suddenly overcome with exhaustion because she didn't realize it was 2am. Sneaky thing, that never-setting sun.

Ah, Patrick F. McManus. I think the F stands for "Fun For the whole Family." I think we've all read his books when we head up north. It's good to see that Dave was indoctrinated. It's great that our family can say things like "Remember the one with the coat?" and we can all just have a little chuckle knowing exactly what story they're referring to. Also, I love the fact that Missy (the poodle) is totally zonked on Dave's arm. She actually ended up in a lot of my favorite pictures! For the fiber fans out there - note Grandma's vintage crocheted afghans. She has won awards for her crochet before! That explains where I inherited the yarn gene.

Finally, my favorite. I call this one the Moose Montague. Click it to get the full effect of the goofy moose faces.

I begged my family to send these pictures hastily so that I could select an image to use as a background for my computer. I have a presentation tomorrow and I wanted to have something interesting up to possibly spark light conversation before everyone arrives. I think I've chosen the shot (and I think you guys will be surprised). Tomorrow will bring big news and my favorite scenery and wildlife shots.
Thanks for sending these so fast guys!!!



Um...yes. I do still keep those wrappers. How did that even get started?a

Gena said...

Love the antlers, those are great! My mom was always the family photographer, so we have very few pictures from childhood with her in them.

Rebecca Jo said...

I love family pictures! The pic of your grandparents is just precious! Nothing like lasting love!

Karen said...

What fun! Those are great pics - love the antlers!

Anonymous said...

Hey I guess you didn't notice Missy howling at Grandpa in the first pic!!!
-Lil' Bit ;)