Sunday, July 15, 2007

Current Views

As I sit here working on my grant proposal (1/2 inch margins make you look like a slacker, btw) I find something within my field of view that is incredibly comforting. It downright makes me happy when being faced by a wall of words that I have written (aside from the fact that I have already written those words, and will only have to re-write SOME of them). No, it isn't the old-school radiator (The radiator is vestigal - the apartment has central heat, now). It's not even the cozy red down blanket. Need a hint?

What's this?!? Why, it's a finished waving lace sock! It only took me a month to complete. I've been wearing this one sock all day. The stitch definition is still crisp and clean without any signs of fuzz despite sticking this sock into almost every shoe that I own. I should write a love haiku for Fleece Artist.
Fleece Artist for socks
Soft, supple, yet tough delight
My feet do rejoice!
It feels great on hardwood flooring, and even better on carpet. I wonder if I'll actually finish the other sock before the oral exam. For those of you I've not spoken to in the last week my oral exam had to be rescheduled. It turns out one of my committee members was going to be on vacation on the day originally planned. So now, my proposal defense will be in mid-August. This gives me more time to prepare, which is good. But it means I definately will not get to go visit Anousone (the significant other) when I finish. I'm trying to keep my spirits up by thinking about a fall visit. Afterall, if we go to Niagara Falls in autumn I'll get to wear Wicked.
Anousone has always had a thing for raglan tees. He loves ringer shirts and always tells me I should wear them more often. I showed him the images of Wicked and he fell in love with it. I wonder if he realizes it is the same style as his beloved ringers?
Finally, the prance! Admittedly, my prance is not as impressive as Gena's Hedera Prance.

Also, I still have not gone to see the new Harry Potter movie. Does anyone feel like going next weekend? I like to go to late morning matinees because I'm cheap like that. :)


Karen said...

It's beautful! I love it, and can't wait to see it in person. (Hopefully soon!) I'd love to see Harry Potter again, but I'm out of town next weekend for a little minivacation to GA - but you'll love it. Can't wait to see that Wicked!

Gena said...

I started having nasty flashbacks as soon as I saw the first picture! The sock is fantastic, and prancing pictures are easier when you have someone take it for you.

As for movies, if you go to the CarMike by WalMart, you can get a student ticket for $5 on all showings. Just bring your ID!

Rebecca Jo said...

Good luck on your oral exam! .... And I noticed immediately the one lone sock sticking up!!! A knitters eye?

Kristy said...

I'm glad you have something to keep you smiling while working on your grant proposal. It's beautiful! I've totally done the one sock thing too :)

Anonymous said...

Kris you should see the Harry Potter movie, it is really good. The only thing that I didn't like about it was how they left a lot of the book out!
-Lil' Bit