Sunday, July 29, 2007

Queso, it are go good with chips.

L&V listeners will be able to appreciate the title. My brain is broken. I've been working on my grant proposal the entire weekend with the exception of sleep and a trip to the grocery store. I'm so close to being done, but I. Can. Not. Write. Anymore. Graduate school makes you stupid. This is a fact.

So, this post will be short on words.

I started Wicked a while ago, but never blogged about it. I like it. Unfortunately, that's about as eloquent as it gets right now. As you can tell from my blog layout and decor, I am a fan of the color green. So it is no surprise that I am knitting this sweater in the same colorway as the sample. The wool is magical in that it doesn't feel terribly warm when I knit with it, or when it lays in my lap. Yet somehow, when I try this on I get superwarm! It may turn out too hot even for me (the girl who wears sweaters in summer).

To prevent colors from pooling I have been working from different balls on every other row. When I go to carry the yarn from a previous row up to work with it I just give the two strands a little wrap bringing the new yarn underneath the tail from the previous row. You can see the tidy little seam it makes here (it bisects the image diagonally). It's virtually invisible on the right side of the work, so I'm pleased with the result. It's certainly made the project more appealing to the perfectionist in me who likes things to be homogeneous. Using varigated yarns are really a thrill for me because they've got so much character. But, there is that part of me that balks at the idea of an uneven distribution of colors. This is subtle enough that my inner scientist & my inner knitter can be at peace.

I made taco salad for dinner. Yum :)


Karen said...

mmm...taco salad...

Your Wicked is beautiful! I hope to see it in person soon ;) I think I'm going to get knitting on a sweater when I'm done with the skirt.

Sorry grad school is kicking your butt - I'm glad to see you take a rest and knit...hope to see you soon.

Gena said...

Wicked looks great, and so does your little "seam." Don't worry, in a few weeks it'll be over and done with, and you can get back to doing more enjoyable things!

Oh, and take Wednesday (at least half the day) off. You deserve it and you need it to regroup and prepare for studying!