Friday, July 6, 2007

I've updated my list of friend's blogs. Not that I was suddenly blessed with more friends, I just had some catching up to do. You will notice that Julie's link goes to her blogger profile because she DOES NOT HAVE A BLOG! Julie is the person who introduced me to this fiber addiction and we talked about how much we wanted to start knitting blogs back in 2004-2005. Julie, it is time. I want to see all the wonderful things you're making for Isaac! Blogger makes it possible to have a nice low-maintenence blog, and everything is really intuitive.

Dooo It.

In other news; I got tired of writing the other day and made a wee tiny sock to put on my sock-blocker keychain! I got the keychain at The Loopy Ewe. Ok, so I just checked and Sherri is currently out of the keychains. But start making those annoying little scaps of leftover sock yarn into v. small socks because she usually gets them back in stock pretty quickly!

The yarn is Spritely Goods Sylph in Spring Tulips. That yellow was really hard to photograph, but I finally got it! I was actually doing a little test knit of this yarn. I know working on on full-size socks will make the colors more chaotic, so I'm still pondering pattern usage. I know jaywalkers would look good, but I really want to find another good pattern for varigated yarns. Perhaps broadripples? Maybe I'll have to make it up. Any stitch that is wavey without having a lot of texture would be suitable. It is times like this that I lament not owning a stitch dictionary. They're just so expensive! Does anyone have any recommendations? I don't wanna spend $25+ and be disappointed.


knitting bean said...

Have you checked out or Sometimes they have some VERY good deals on their knitting books. I've gotten some of mine from them. I've especially been surprised by deals has. I just looked it up and they do have some stitch dictionaries. Just an idea!

Jules said...

OK OK, I get the idea. I will start a blog soon. Not tonight, but maybe tomorrow or during the week if I find myself with nothing to do during incubations or spins. We lost our camera unfortunately, but we're borrowing one in the mean time. I'll try to remember to take some new pics of my progress on the baby blocks blanket (and send you the pattern for a couple) this week.

Elke said...

Wahahaha, that's peer pressure in action. >:3

Rebecca Jo said...

Yes - put the pressure on that girl!!!

Karen said...

That yarn is so pretty! Have you seen the sweetpea socks at Knitty? I saw ones someone did and really liked them - I think they're in the current issue.
We missed you last night - hope exam stuff isn't too stressful!