Thursday, July 5, 2007

Un-mystery Project

The purple butterfly project was received in the mail today, so I can now share photos here. The recipient is a dear friend who is expecting her first child this November. The project began as an inspiring "You're gonna be a Mommy!" card and some lovely purple cashmerino baby. We did not know the gender yet, so I was determined to knit something for Momma (the wonderful person who taught me to knit). I wanted the stitches to tell a story. I designed an eyelet butterfly to represent the fragile beautiful unborn child. It is encompassed by paired cables representing the relationship between the parents. They're one of those couples where individually they're incredible people, but together they're an unstoppable force. The garter stitch panel in the back is there because it is the mother's favorite stitch pattern.
I am proud to report that the socks fit Julie perfectly and they arrived at a time when her feet were cold. I hope they'll be a comfort throughout the pregnancy and further.

I am preparing the pattern to share here. I'm currently focusing on writing for work so it will probably be about a month before the pattern finds its way here - the charts are done, though! I'm still debating what to name them. The only thing that has come to mind so far is "Flutter."


Gena said...

They're very beautiful! I'm glad they fit so well. (BTW - I heard about the book sale. Too bad we're saving money the next few weeks for our trip and I can't legitimize spending money).

Rebecca Jo said...

That is just beautiful (tear)! You should be so proud of yourself the way you design things! That is truly the most thoughtful thing I have seen! I know Julie will truly appreciate the mommy pampering. Hey - Nanny could use a new pair of socks! :-) (KIDDING!) You are a good friend to Julie - and such an amazing knitter!

Jules said...

I LOVE my socks!!! I'm wearing them right now. They are so perfect, and the most beautiful socks ever to be worn by these feet. You are such a dear friend. You have no idea how much your thoughtfulness has touched me. And Flutter is the most PERFECT name!